Good design is custom made. It should be the result of optimized synergy between all of the particular factors that lead to its creation. This is why I believe every design must result of a deep research process, may it be a piece of furniture or a piece of architecture. 
I believe in listening. I believe in observation. I believe in dialogue. I believe in learning your specific needs and dreams together with you to achieve the best result possible. I believe in inspiration and integration between art, design and architectural mediums. 

Arch. Amit Beery, B.Arch degree from the faculty of architecture and town planning of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), has worked for several leading architectural firms in Israel before establishing AB studio for multi-disciplinary design. The studio specializes in architecture, interior design, conceptual design and research. Amit has been involved in academic research alongside with his practice, and has also been teaching architecture since 2015. u